Waterproof Cast Protectors

It can be a stressful time after breaking an arm or leg. After having a plaster cast put on the limb, patients have to alter their ways of doing everyday tasks which are usually taken for granted. Showering or bathing are two such tasks and the problem of how to succesfully keep clean whilst in plaster is now easy with LimbO waterproof cast protectors. The LimbO plaster cast protector has a unique seal to keep plaster casts dry when showering, or even during hydrotherapy. In the old days plastic bags were the only option to keep casts dry - not any more. PICC lines need to be kept dry too and the LimbO waterproof protectors are great for this. Wounds and dressings can be a problem when showering. They must be kept dry to aid with the healing process. The Limbo waterproof cast protector is also a waterproof wound and dressing protector.

So for dressing, wound and cast waterproof protection. the Limbo will protect plaster casts and wound dressings from getting wet during bathing or showering. They can also be used for hydrotherapy. LimbO waterproof protectors are very comfortable to wear and there is a special neoprene seal which has a wide band of contact so does not pinch the skin or feel constrictive. They are durable and are designed to last the duration of the cast or dressing. LimbO are imported into Australia exclusively by HealthSaver. HealthSaver can be contacted on 1300 767 888 or visit their web site.

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Waterproof Cast protector on mans arm

The image on left shows a man in the shower wearing a LimbO waterproof cast protector over the cast on his broken arm. He is able to shower and bathe despit having a cast on his broken arm because he's wearing a LimbO waterproof cast protector, which of course protects casts and wounds from getting wet when showering or bathing - indeed even during hydropool therapy.

LimbO waterproof protectors are imported exclusively into Australia by HealthSaver. Click here to visit their site for more information or to purchase your limbO.

how to bathe or shower with a broken arm

Do not rush taking a bath. Bathing with an injured arm will take longer. Schedule plenty of time to get undressed and bathe. If you are in a rush, use the non-injured arm to give yourself a quick sponge bath. Ask a family member or close friend for assistance.

When you break an arm or a leg, you may wonder how you're going to practice basic hygiene. Showering can be difficult in a cast, but the problem is not insurmountable. Should you be unlucky enough to break a limb , you will have to keep your cast dry when showering. This is imperitive! Take precautions when getting in and out of the shower. If your cast accidentally gets wet, call your doctor for instructions on how to proceed. Better still, ensure this doesn't happen and wear a limbO waterproof cast protector in the shower - it's as easy as that!

Advice for when you break an arm or leg to maintain hygiene
Don't break a leg advice. Stay safe
Shower with broken arm

About LimbO:

The LimbO waterproof cast protector is designed to protect plaster casts and wound dressings from getting wet during bathing, it can also be used for swimming and hydrotherapy.

A cellular neoprene seal which has a wide band of contact seals the LimbO to the arm or leg. It doesn't  pinch the skin or feel constrictive whilst the remainder of the LimbO is manufactured from a pliable waterproof material. It's very roomy and very slip resistant.

LimbO is designed and manufactured in the UK, with patents in place for design and manufacturing.

Initially designed for Orthopaedic use to protect plaster or synthetic casts it rapidly became clear that the product had wider applications in the wound area, where the non-contact nature of the main body of the LimbO made it particularly suitable where any pressure on the wound was undesirable.

Currently in use at over 200 UK hospitals and hospitals in every state in Australia the flexibility of the design, particularly the compliant seal, enables the product to fit a high percentage of patients without the need for a multitude of models.

The LimbO waterproof protector is very durable and is designed, with normal use, to last through the period a cast should be worn. 

In wound care it will last even longer to protect a  dressing instead of a cast). Patients have reported satisfactory use for periods over one year!