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Bathing with a PICC line made easy with LimbO waterproof protectors

With your PICC line in place and your cancer treatment schedule well under way, socialising isn’t always the most important thing on your mind. However when the time that you do feel like going out with friends, partying or maybe to dinner you probably want to grasp the opportunity with both hands.

So...Have a bath, put on your favourite outfit, get out there!

If only for an hour or so you could try to forget what you're dealing with and going through (you'd be surprised how much good stuff you can fit into an hour) it could help your mind to take a break and re-energise.

The HealthSaver Australian Team

Now LimbO waterproof protectors are readily available in Australia from HealthSaver (the sole and exclusive importer of LimbO into Australia), having a bath with a PICC line in place can be as relaxing as you deserve. With it’s neoprene seal, the waterproof fabric gently covers your PICC line and keeps the entry site dry. It’s reliable, easy to put on and you can use it time and time again.

So what are you waiting for?

Run a bath or get under the shower, put on your LimbO with confidence and enjoy!

HealthSaver - The exclusive Australian importer of LimbO

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