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Children and Broken Arms or Legs

We all know children hurt themselves every now and again as they’re constantly on the move. Here at HealthSaver we want to make a child’s recovery from a broken bone such as a broken arm or a broken leg as smooth as possible.

Whatever the cause of the broken arm or leg, whether it’s from an accident playing a favourite sport, a road accident, or anything else children can get up to.........

........ we can help make things more comfortable for you and your child during the time they have to wear a plaster cast on their broken limb.

It can be a challenge getting children into a bath or shower at the best of times and it's many times more of a problem when they and you are afraid of getting their cast or dressing wet. Don't worry - we have the answer to this challenging problem, the LimbO waterproof cast protector that allows your child to fully submerge their injured arm or leg in the bath, or shower without fear of getting the plaster cast wet.

LimbOs for children, like all LimbO waterproof cast protectors, are designed to seal perfectly around the young persons arm or leg to form a watertight seal. Even though most kids love getting messy it's not a good idea to get the cast wet and its important it's kept clean and dry.

The secrets in the seal!

To order LimbO for your child who has an arm or leg injury, simple place your order on line at and your LimbO will be sent express post anywhere in Australia usually the same day. If you would like advice please either call us on 1300 767888 or e mail us at

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