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What Happens When a Bone Breaks?

A fracture is the technical term for a break in the bone. The most common broken bone is the collarbone, followed by a break in the arm, then the wrist, then the hip.

A Broken Bone is Painful!

It hurts to break a bone!

Breaking a bone is a big shock to your whole body. It's normal for you to receive strong messages from parts of your body that aren't from the fracture site. You may feel dizzy, or even chilly from the shock. Some people can even pass out until their bodies have time to adjust to the massive rush of signals the brain is receiving. However, due to the shock, some people may not feel any pain at all.

If you think you or someone else has broken a bone, the most important things to do are to:

  • Stay calm

  • Do not move the bone - not only is it painful to do so but can cause even more damage.

  • If the broken bone could be in the neck or back do not move the person -at all -wait for a trained medical professional to asses the situation.

  • Make sure the person who is hurt is as comfortable as possible.

  • Call an ambulance or urgently visit the emergency department of the nearest hospital

Types Of Fracture

Bowing Fracture: The bone bends, but doesn’t break. This only happens to children.

Hairline Fracture: Just a small, thin break in the bone.

Greenstick Fracture: When the bone is cracked only on one side.

Single Fracture: When the bone is only broken in one place.

Simple Fracture: When a bone is broken into two pieces.

Comminuted Fracture: When the bone is broken in more than two places.

Open Fracture: When the broken bone is sticking out through the skin.

Types of fractures
How A Break Is Treated

A medical professional will set the bone in place and wrap it in a plaster cast to keep it there. The cast will usually be worn by the patient for one to two months for smaller breaks.

Showering or bathing with a plaster cast on an arm or a leg is very difficult as the cast MUST be kept dry at all times - this is where the LimbO waterproof cast protector comes in. LimbO will keep the cast dry in the shower or bath, and will last the duration of wearing the cast.

LimbO can be purchased on line, and will be shipped via Express Post anywhere in Australia for fast delivery.

LimbO waterproof cast protectors
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